Just thought you should know that the Zarina link in your ohana doesn't work anymore!
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Thanks for letting me know. I’ll open her character back up now :)

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Best Disney sidekick ever.

Yes, yes, yes!!! Timothy Q Mouse for ruler of the world, hehe :)

'Baby mine don't you cry. Baby mine, dry your eyes.

Rest your head close to my heart. Never to part, baby of mine.’

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I would choose Figaro from Pinocchio, he is such a cutie and is a really minor character. THE KITTY NEEDS MORE LOVE!!!

Isn’t he the cutest! I was going to name my kitten Figaro but I ended up going with Rajah. But only because my kitty was such a scared little thing that I thought I’d give him the fiercer name.

A little experimenting with icons that blend into the dash…

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*points to icon* This gorgeous girl.

*nods approvingly*

Let’s talk underrated characters!?

If you could choose one underrated Disney character to get heaps more attention, who would it be? 


I think I would choose Timothy Q Mouse… I love the lil guy. He is the best friend you could ever get!

He stands up for Dumbo when everyone else is busy rejecting him, encourages and guides Dumbo and always believes in him. Even when Dumbo doesn’t believe in himself, there’s Timothy telling him that his ears are beautiful and he is going to be the most famous elephant in the history of famous elephants :)

He is brave, funny, loving, loyal and supportive! (Also adorable)


Fourth Award

The Esmeralda Award (best URL) goes to one whose URL sounds the most melodious and beautiful.

I am choosing three winners for this award.

The winners of The Esmeralda Award are…




(I know some of you didn’t officially enter the awards, but I loved your URLs so much that I just want to give this award to you anyway!)

OMG! Thank you :)

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