As promised (finally) here are some board panels from my short, "Eau De Minnie", which is part of the new Mickey Shorts series.  Enjoy!

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Well, some people use their imagination.

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Our family’s little now and we don’t have many toys but if you want, you could be part of it. You could be our baby and we’d raise you to be good.

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Disney Movies + Favourite SongsThe Nightmare before Christmas (1993)
And for the first time since I don’t remember when I felt just like my old bony self again. And I, Jack, the Pumpkin King, that’s right, I am the Pumpkin King!

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Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know,
W e l l   n o w   t h e y   k n o w  !
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Disney Villains Week: Day 4: Most Evil/Disgusting Villain
➸ Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty (1959)

"The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But… before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she shall prick her finger, on the spindle of a spinning wheel - AND DIE!"

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A Disney Alphabet


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the path to your destiny lies within the magic of your heart.

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I’ll be away from tumblr until Sunday 7th September. (How is it even September already!!!)

But I have a queue set up, which I’m impressed about because I always forget to queue posts.

I probably won’t get around to any asks until Sunday though. 

I hope you all have the best week! See you all Sunday :)


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Cleanup Animation Drawing by Milt Kahl for 101 Dalmatians, 1961

Cleanup Animation Drawing by Milt Kahl for 101 Dalmatians, 1961

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Once Upon An Opinion….

So I’ve seen a few posts about having Mulan dressed as Ping in the parks, instead of in her matchmaker outfit. And because I love Mulan I am going to share my opinion with y’all.

Personally, I think it’s quite disrespectful towards the message of Mulan to keep sticking her in her matchmaker dress. But I don’t think Ping’s outfit is any better. 

The Ping outfit is as inappropriate as the matchmaker outfit. In both outfits she is playing a role and trying her hardest to hide a part of herself. Neither one really represents Mulan. So the outfit that would best reflect Mulan’s awesome character is one she chose to wear when she was happy being herself. 

These are the outfits I think Mulan should wear in the Disney Parks and what I would like to see on most of Mulan’s merchandise. 



The first outfit she wears at the beginning of the film, when she is at home and is running around, busy being Mulan. And the second outfit is the one she is wearing when she saves the emperor, and she is still wearing it when she returns home. Mulan wears these outfits during scenes in which she seems the most comfortable and open with who she is. Which is why these would me my choices :)

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