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Who remembers the bit from season 1 of OUAT when Emma tries to steal Henry and Snow lectures her and uses her mum voice?


So if you live in the US you can use Disney Movie Reward points for gift cards!! But from what I can see, you can’t do this in the UK!!!!

Man! I love the Disney Store but they are waaay too cocky about services they provide to the UK. We usually have to wait ages for merch from the US store to make it’s way to the UK, and half of the stuff is never available. Plus there’s never a chance to pre-order merch like the Limited Edition dolls that started to be released today.

Also, the Disney Store need to put the pins back in the fudging stores!

Oh! And while I’m ranting I’m gonna take a swipe at Disney for not releasing Big Hero 6 until the 30th of fudging January in the UK. I’d have seen the whole movie on tumblr by then….Burgh!!

I’m still going to the Disney Store later today to buy a new mug. But when you guys here about the UK based revolt against the Disney Store y’all will know I’m the leader.

Hell yeah! I have have so many Disney movie rewards points! I wish I could use them in the Disney Store! PFFT!


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Roger & Anita 


"Fire Chief," an original Donald Duck strip by Hank Porter from Good Housekeeping magazine, 1940.


Peter Pan and Tink - Quick color

We’ll always be friends forever. Won’t we?

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